God-Inside Minded

July 27, 2021

I’m going to teach on God-inside minded. And I want you to turn to Philippians, as I’ve asked you to. And I want to set before you a verse of scripture that, again, just, it just took me years to believe it. And every day I’d just pound away at my mind and I’d say, “Look, that’s what the Word says. So, either the Word is a lie or it’s truth.” And something always said to me, “It’s, the Bible is truth but,” and then I got hooked again. Then I’d say, “Well, but that’s what the Word says.” And I can’t tell you how many years it finally took me to get around to believing what this thing really says. It’s a mindblower, but we’re really in the category of having our minds renewed constantly anyways. Listen to this great thirteenth verse of this second chapter of Philippians:
Philippians 2:138
For it is God … [who] worketh in you both to will and to do … his good pleasure.

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