Higher Powers - Romans 13

July 24, 2021

Romans 13:1:
Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: [and] the powers that be are ordained of God.

This is the verse of scripture that people keep pushing at us and keep saying, well, this refers to civil authorities. That I have to be subject to the higher powers. In other words, I am subject to the governor of the state, I’m subject to the mayor, I’m subject to the representatives, the senators, I am subject to the President of the United States – this kind of thing; that we are subject unto the higher powers.

I know that’s what that verse says, that we’re subject to the higher powers, but we’ve got to find out who those higher powers are.

Now, I as a Christian, I as a believer, you as a believer – certainly you and I just by plain sense knowledge, without ever having the Word of God – if you just sit down and think for a half a minute, you would have to say that a Christian could never be subject to some higher powers in civil authority. We just could not be subject to them because what they do, and how they act, and what they want to carry out is absolutely contradictory to what God says a man is supposed to do. Therefore, just on the surface, we should have known all through the years that this verse could not be talking about civil authorities, about government powers in a secular world.

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